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Terradel Chapter 1: Aquadel Now Available for Android on Google Play

Android users can now join the adventure! Download Terradel now on Google Play for your Android device.

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Terradel Chapter 1: Aquadel Now Available for iOS

The first chapter in the epic adventure begins now. Join Hydro and hold back the forces of evil in Aquadel. Meet the Aquadians, find the Aquastone, and master the elemental power of water. Fulfill the legend now, and download Terradel for your iOS device.

New Trailer on YouTube

The new game trailer for Terradel has been released along with other exclusive game footage. Watch the trailer on the Terradel YouTube page: Click here.

Beta Testing Release for iOS

Terradel is now released for beta testing on iOS. The game is released to select players to give their feedback and comments to Chimoru. Once beta testing is complete, Terradel Chapter 1: Aquadel will be available to the general public. Click here become a beta tester.

The countdown to Terradel

The first chapter of Terradel will be released for iOS on December 1st, 2019. Terradel is the first official Chimoru game.

To learn more about the legend of Terradel go to